Autumn Dress Inspiration 2018

Autumn dress inspiration 2018

With the mercury level lingering above average during this time of the year, you’ll be able to make those gorgeous summer dresses go the extra mile. You can match them […]

Travel Inspiration 2018

travel inspiration 2018

Picking where to spend your next holiday can always be a bewildering process, with mother nature bestowing so many beautiful options. In order to make this process less stressful, we […]

The most stylish travel influencers on Instagram in 2018

blog front page

Instagram is full of inspiration when it comes to travel and fashion, to the point it is almost impossible to put your phone down – It is a problem we […]

Rory Shearer – Times Article: Home! The Party Villa

Rory Shearer

Rory Shearer, owner of By Rory gives The Times an insight into where he spent his summers as a child in Zakynthos, Greece. “Thirty-year-old Rory Shearer’s family home in Zakynthos, […]

Luxury Beach & Resort Wear Brands for 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 15.34.17

Embark on a journey of luxury beach & resort wear discovery. Each week a new brand will be under our spotlight, providing you with all the necessary style inspiration for looking […]

Our Favourite Four Bloggers You’re Probably Not Following

favourite bloggers

Three out of our four favourite bloggers just happen to be Portuguese – between Ines Manique’s motorbike, Sofia Reis’ editing skills, Leonie Hanne’s crafty couture and Barbara Ines’ bikinis, there […]

Q&A with our good friend Cloe Cassandro


Cloe Cassandro’s new collection, comprised mostly of silk chiffon, features elegant silhouettes – feminine ruffles, classic necklines – that fall with airy grace.   In seafoam greens, oranges, easy whites, […]

Who Is Rory?

Who Is Rory?

By Rory was first born on a small fisherman’s boat in Zakynthos, Greece. Throughout months of travelling in Asia and India, Rory collected accessories and clothes along the way, unsure […]

Instagram @byrory

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