Luxury Beach & Resort Wear Brands for 2018

Embark on a journey of luxury beach & resort wear discovery. Each week a new brand will be under our spotlight, providing you with all the necessary style inspiration for looking elegant, while jet-setting the globe.

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Cloe Cassandro


What do you get when you combine an unquenchable desire to jet-set and an insatiate necessity to look effortlessly cool while doing so? Asceno. The brand draws upon inspiration from the early 90s laid-back tomboy spirit, combined with immaculate tailoring to produce, a sophisticated and timeless collection. Asceno is renowned for its use of vibrant prints, and bold stripes. The desirable used of colour combined with fluid sand washed silk produces pajamas and premium swimwear which are perfectly elegant for luxuriated globetrotting.



Asceno is worn by those who boldly and confidently travel the globe. Being favored by some of the world’s most stylish; Kate Hudson to Rita Ora to Lucy Williams to Cate Blanchett, Asceno continues to erode the line between lounge and ready-to-wear, in the form of sophistication.

Asceno Luxury Beach & Resort Wear Brands for 2018

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Cloe Cassandro

By Rory’s affection for Cloe Cassandro is formed through a shared love of Bali. It is this love of Bali that inspires Cloe Cassandro’s ethical luxury beachwear brand. Cloe’s pieces are manufactured by local, talented Balinese artisans. In order to produce a collection full of all things handmade, hand dyed and hand printed. At the forefront of Cloe Cassandro’s designs is the Balinese tradition of batik arts that communicates the famous warm-spirit of those who execute pieces.


The Brand’s ideology is one of simplicity: timeless design, incorporating the most stunning silk chiffon fabrics produced ethically to the highest standard. It is easy to see why Cloe’s elegant hand dyed silks have been a popular choice within the By Rory boutiques since the brand burst onto the scene.

Make sure you check out By Rory’s partnership with Cloe Cassandro, these collaborative pieces are a thoughtful reflection of Cloe’s best sellers in the stores, adding in the By Rory signature print as well as some of Cloe’s classic prints with a new twist.

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