The most stylish travel influencers on Instagram in 2018

Instagram is full of inspiration when it comes to travel and fashion, to the point it is almost impossible to put your phone down – It is a problem we all have at By Rory. So much so we thought we have to do something about it.

We have made a list of our favourite and most stylish travel influencers on Instagram 2018 because what is more important than looking just as beautiful as the destination you are surrounded by!

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Aggie Lal
Camille Charrière
Pamela Allier
Lee Litumbe
Julie Sariñana
Aimee Song
Negin Mirsalehi
Christina Vidal
Angelica Blick
Sara Escudero

Aggie Lal @travelinhershoes

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For those of you who love to look longingly at Instagram posts of the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer, it’s about time you follow Aggie Lal. Aggie is a traveller through and through, starting her life in Poland followed by being educated in Australia. Now residing in Los Angeles, Aggie’s wardrobe has been influenced by her new home. Providing her followers, not only with a gorgeous beach, after a gorgeous beach but with some beautiful Californian beach-chic looks.

Camille Charrière @camillecharriere


Sharing posts that are a little bit more quirky and relaxed, than your average beautifully staged shots, provided by most Instagram style influencers, is what sets Camille Charrière apart. For example, while vacationing in Tulum, she will pull off styles effortlessly, which only a Parisian could do.

However, while at home in London, she will provide you with brands you probably haven’t heard of, but will definitely go and purchase; like E.L.V. Denim to name one.

Pamela Allier @pamallier


Allier is a true South-American fashionista, born and raised in Mexico City. She developed her following through being a true ‘it” girl – acting as a muse for many street-style photographers. In 2014 Allier took her fashionista status to the next level on Instagram, and rapidly gained fans through her casual Mexican influenced style, and not to mention instantly recognisable smile.

Her style includes free-flowing dresses, off the shoulder tops, and colourful prints that would not look out of place at any holiday destination.

Lee Litumbe @spiritedpursuit

lee-litumbe-the-most-stylish-travel-influencers-on-Instagram-in-2018 (1)

Lee Litumbe is a truly inspiring travel blogger from Cameroon, she is committed to telling a story from a black female perspective. While telling her story, style takes a back seat in Lee’s posts, focusing more on less-travelled destinations in Africa. She brings these locations alive through her invigorating Instagram posts. Whether she is located on the barren Merzouga Desert draped in a gorgeous, brightly hued kaftan or relaxing on the picturesque white beaches of Zanzibar.

Lee makes the places she visits look both fascinating and accessible while looking effortlessly elegant, and we though style took a back seat.

Julie Sariñana @sincerelyjules

julie-sariñana-the-most-stylish-travel-influencers-on-Instagram-in-2018From her home in L.A. to the gorgeous setting of Bali, Julie Sariñana always takes her simple, effortlessly cool style wherever she goes. It’s hard to pinpoint what gives Julie her envious sparkle; could it be her sun-kissed skin tone, her petite frame, or her understated smile? Whichever it is, she makes the ordinary seem extraordinary.

Whether she’s heading to the supermarket, on the beach in Thailand or exploring Mexico, Julie rocks outfits that aren’t out of reach of the average Instagram user. She makes the simple look elegant and we believe shes definitely one to aspire to emulate style-wise.

Aimee Song @songofstyle


Aimee Song is recognised as one of the original style bloggers, amassing a huge following of fans who wish to emulate her effortlessly elegant daytime wardrobe, not to mentions the glamorous looks she donned during all the fashion week events. Not only is Aimee one to imitate style-wise, she is also a very successful individual making an appearance on the “Forbes 30 under 30” list and writing a New York Times bestseller book: Capture your style.

Mainly dressed in high-end brands (wouldn’t you if you were on the “Forbes 30 under 30 list”?) Aimee also offers a high-low balance that prevents her follows from feeling alienated and gagging for more.

Negin Mirsalehi @neginmirsalehi


The second influencer you should follow to be on the “Forbes 30 Under 30” (Europe). Negin Mirsalehi is a 29-year-old Dutch style and travel blogger (4.5 million Instagram followers) reportedly receiving $20,000 for a sponsored post.

As well as being a style muse, Negin also funds and runs her own hair-care line, whose secret ingredient is honey, which comes from her family bee farm (no wonder her hair always looks so stunning). She hasn’t let fame and riches get to her head, posting affordable labels while at home in Amsterdam, and while travelling the world an enviable collection of swimwear.

Christina Vidal @jetsetchristina

christina vidal

Christina Vidal is a true California girl, born and raised. However, the gorgeous golden beaches of California only kickstarted Christina’s desire to travel to equally beautiful destinations. She has currently visited 56 countries, chasing “killer sunsets” with no plans of stopping.

Her Instagram is full of stunning travel inspirations partnered with equally desirable outfits: From the lavender fields of France to the wineries of Napa Valley, she takes her followers all around the world with her.  So, Whether you are after beach and resort wears inspiration, planning your next trip away, or simply want to be transported away from your desk Jetsetchristina is an account we strongly suggest you follow.

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Angelica Blick is a gorgeous 22-year-old Swedish fashionista from Linköping, now living in Stockholm. Angelica’s content creations are a mixed source of envy and inspiration for her 1.2 million Instagram followers and have led her to achieve multiple accolades: ‘International Blog of the Year’ and ‘Best Fashion Blog of the Year’ to name a few.

most stylish travel influencers on instagram 2018

Her Instagram posts consist of gorgeous landscapes, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and effortlessly elegant beachwear and resort wear, made more desirable wrapped around a body which can only be described as one similar to a Goddess.

In addition to her stunning Instagram, Angelica also gives something back to her vast numbers of followers offering tutorials via Youtube. In which, she offers makeup and hairstyling tips to aid you in getting a little closer to her beautiful looks. We are definitely glued to her channel!

Sara Escudero @collagevintage

Striking locations, stimulating fashion finds and immaculate images, if this sounds like your cup of tea, College Vintage is the Travel and fashion account for you. Sara Escudero’s account has long been on our must-see list.

sara 4

Sara Escudero and Diego Anciano are the wanderlust duo behind the visually stimulating fashion and travel Instagram account College Vintage. The account was started in 2009, giving Sara an everyday distraction from her job in the advertising industry, later turning from a hobby into a full-time job. Sara’s beautifully experimental yet inspiring style is a reason why she is a must follow in our opinion, in addition to the beautiful locations her and Diego’s wanderlust has led them too.

sara 2

Two reasons why we love Sara Escudero:
She champions the power of the Insta girl gang

Through Collage Vintage, Sara shares small praises to her closest fellow Instagram fashionistas in the blogging scene and sisterhood. An example of her collaboration posts, Sara matches outfits with fellow bloggers such as @mikutas before attending Paris Fashion Week.

The photography is down to Sara’s partner in crime, Diego Anciano

Okay now, this is serious couple goals. The person behind the camera is Diego Anciano, Sara’s partner. While Sara is the frontwoman of College Vintage, Diego is responsible for the gorgeous shots that fill the feed. He is a Vogue contributor and presents his own snaps on a second account where his inspiration is drawn from the streets.

sara 3

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